Home Warranty

Secure your home with Top Warranty's Home Warranty, offering steadfast coverage and customized protection for your peace of living.

Home Warranty
Home Warranty

About Home Warranty

Top Warranty's Home Warranty service is a superior choice, offering coverage for system and appliance breakdowns. A service contract with us complements homeowners' insurance, covering issues like poor upkeep or normal wear and tear. Enjoy exclusive benefits, including discounts on new products and services such as pre-season HVAC repair, tech set-up, and installations.

Advantages Of Our Home Warranty

Home Warranty

Time Management:

Save valuable time and stress. When covered items break down, avoid the hassle of finding repair services; contact the insurance company for prompt assistance, connecting you with expert providers who are available at your convenience.

Home Warranty

Enhanced Safety Measures:

Complement your homeowner's insurance with a Home Warranty, covering crucial system and device parts due to normal wear and tear—filling gaps where typical insurance falls short.

Home Warranty

Budget Protection:

Our Home Shield Home Warranty, lasting a year, covers repairs or replacements for significant home systems and products affected by everyday use, ensuring readiness for unforeseen breakdowns.

Home Warranty

Cost Predictability:

Plan expenses confidently with a best Home Warranty. Avoid uncertainties by anticipating potential system problems, aiding in budgeting for upcoming costs without guesswork.

Home Warranty

Got Queries About Your Coverage? Reach Out, We're Eager to Assist!

Explore the clarity you deserve. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you promptly, ensuring confidence and satisfaction in your coverage journey.


From your trusty furnace to your whirring dishwasher, Top Warranty’s comprehensive plans protect significant appliances and home systems like plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning, and even optional coverage for your roof and appliances. Check our website for detailed plan breakdowns and find the perfect fit for your home!

No more home repair meltdowns! Call our friendly claims team, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll dispatch a qualified technician from our network of trusted professionals to diagnose and fix the problem, all under your plan’s coverage.

Yes, your plan will have a set deductible amount for each service call. But remember, you’ll avoid the potential shock of substantial repair bills, making the deductible a small price for peace of mind.

We’re transparent here. Pre-existing conditions, known issues, or significant breakdowns within the 30-day waiting period won’t be covered. But, our thorough inspection process helps identify such issues upfront, giving you time to address them before your coverage begins.

Absolutely! We offer various plans with different coverage levels and optional add-ons to match your needs and budget perfectly. Choose the essentials, or opt for comprehensive protection – it’s up to you!

We’re confident you’ll love the peace of mind and convenience we offer. But if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund. Additionally, most plans include a money-back guarantee if you don’t use your coverage within a specific timeframe.

Definitely! Most plans offer renewal options, allowing you to continue enjoying the same peace of mind and protection beyond the initial period. We’ll remind you before your plan expires so you can seamlessly extend your coverage.

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